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May 6, 2012
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A white light flashed just outside Fluttershy's home. It lingered around for a few moments, ruffling the grass, before fading and revealing the ponies, Discord, and Celestia.

"Help me lift him," Twilight said quickly. Rarity and Celestia's horns glowed along with Twilight's as they lifted Discord off of the ground, carefully and slowly.

Fluttershy ran over to the bridge, saying in a shaky voice, "Bring him over here. I've noticed this is where he likes to be most often."

With that they moved him over, carefully placing him on the bridge.

Fluttershy then ran inside. She made her way to the bathroom and gathered up some supplies for Discord. She got bandages, disinfectant spray, a small pail, and tweezers.

The other ponies waited outside next to Discord. The moon shone brightly on their pelts; lighting up their manes. Their eyes all seemed to glow and the warm glimmering of Celestia's mane reflected off of the others'. The moon also reflected off of the stream below them, causing a cool light to shine up on them. It was actually quite a peaceful scene, all besides the fact that Discord was there…dying.

Fluttershy came back outside and ran up to Discord, saying to the others, "Move aside, please," as she began to dab a damp towel on Discord's wounds.

Rainbow Dash walked up beside Discord and sat down next to him, "I'm so sorry...if it weren't for my foolishness, you wouldn't be here in pain...I just had to go tell the others...didn't I...?"

Celestia walked up beside her and placed a hoof on her shoulder, "You did the right thing. Maybe you just didn't take quite the right approach."

Rainbow turned her head to Celestia. She stared into her deep, loving eyes then sighed, "I know...but I was still foolish."

Fluttershy looked up at Rainbow as she continued to clean Discord's wounds, "It's ok Dash...we probably would have ended up here anyway."

Rainbow didn't say anything and just looked at Discord's lifeless body. She closed her eyes tightly, "If only you were here…I would be able to apologize to your face..."

"But I am here..." a quiet voice escaped Discord's mouth. His eyes blinked open, slowly, "And Fluttershy's right. We would have ended up here anyways...I was the one who was foolish enough to return," he closed his eyes again, as he rested. He let out a deep sigh and moved his tail into the stream and let the cool water flow through the gash on it.

Fluttershy finished cleaning Discord's last wound and began to wrap a bandage around his leg, "I'll just wrap up your leg for now. The bones need sustaining. Your other wounds need to breath for the night."

Discord grunted in reply to let her know he was listening.

"I'll see you in the morning, girls," Fluttershy told the rest, "Oh, and Princess?"

"Hm?" Celestia looked at her.

"I'm sorry...for not telling you..."

Celestia continued to look at her, but said nothing. Fluttershy sighed then walked up the garden path to her house.

"Whoa! Wait!" Pinkie's voice stopped her, causing her to look around at the pink pony just as she opened the front door.

"You're just gonna leave him out here all night in the cold?!"

"He's a wild animal. He has the instincts that make him able to deal with it. I would've brought him inside in the first place if he couldn't handle it."

"Are you sure about that?" Pinkie pushed on.

"Positive," Fluttershy walked into the house, closing the door behind her.

"She's right...again," Discord halfheartedly joked, still with a quiet voice.

With that, the ponies wished Discord luck and then left for their own homes.


The sun rose over the horizon, casting light into Fluttershy's window. As usual, she got up and fed the animals. And as usual, Angel pushed for a better meal.

Discord slowly awoke. His eyes blinked open and he began to yawn. There was frozen due drops all over his body. He got up to stretch and rid himself of the morning dew, but fell back down with a thud as he stepped on his broken leg, causing a shock of pain to strike up his spine like a thousand needles being stabbed into his back, "What the~"  

He noticed the wounds on his side and tail that was still hanging in the water…and he remembered, "Oh..."

Fluttershy exited her house and trotted at a fast pace towards Discord with fresh bandages.

"'Morning," she greeted him. Discord raised a paw as a small wave to return the greeting.

Fluttershy stopped and settled herself next to him, placing the bandages next to her. Getting one ready, she asked, "Could you please sit up for a minute?"

"Oh. Sure," Discord replied. He slowly sat up, trying not to step on his hind leg again. Fluttershy began to wrap a bandage around his stomach to cover the wound on his side.

There was a long silence as Fluttershy wrapped Discord's wounds up. All that could be heard was the wind in the grass and the stream flowing beneath them.

Discord was the first to speak, "Fluttershy," he got her attention.

"Hm?" She replied.

"Well..." he began, "You know that thing you said last night?"

"What thing? I said plenty of things."

"You know. When we were all in your house, mob of angry ponies outside, Celestia threatening me...then you jumped in."

"Oh...that. Umm... yeah. That wasn't supposed to come out..." Fluttershy blushed.

"Did you mean it?"

"I dunno..." she sounded uncertain.

"Well...I was sorta thinking..." Discord took a deep breath, "I don't... really see that working."

"What?" Fluttershy looked at him with her deep blue eyes. Discord looked back at Fluttershy then began to explain.

"You see. The thing is...we're complete opposites. You're kindness and I'm chaos. You're sane and me? That's a whole other story...and I mustn't forget to add, you're a pony and I'm a retarded dragon horse bird thing," he sighed and lowered his head, "I'm sorry."

He looked away from her, unable to look her in the eyes.

Fluttershy stared at Discord. Her eyes narrowed and she continued bandaging him, but much more briskly than before.

Not long after, Twilight and the others arrived.

"Ah. You're awake, Discord! Are you feeling alright?" Twilight asked enthusiastically.

"Hm? Oh. Hi, Twilight. Yeah. I'm fine," he replied exhaustedly.

"Hey Discord!" Rainbow greeted him, "Hey...what's up with Fluttershy?"

Discord didn't reply.

"MORNING EVERYPONY!!" Pinkie came blurting in. Everypony jumped from the sudden noise.

"Morning, Pinkie," They all greeted in synchronization.

"Haha! That's funny! You all talked at the same time! JYNX!" she laughed.

This reminded Discord something, "Oh, hey Pinkie?"

"YES?!?!" she was right in his face, their noses almost touching and causing Discord to move his head quickly back.

"Remember that chocolate milk I promised earlier?"


"Here," Discord's talon glowed a dim yellow as he lifted it into the air and summoned a cotton candy cloud which rained chocolate milk.

"OMG thank you!!" Pinkie dived directly under the cloud with her mouth open as everypony else laughed except for Fluttershy who just continued to fix up Discord at quite a quick pace. She finally clipped up the bandage around Discord's stomach tightly, then moved to his tail, allowing him to lay down again.

"What's wrong, sugarcube?" Apple Jack moved over next to Fluttershy, placing a hoof on her back.

"Nothing," she replied sharply.

"It's ok. Y'all can tell me. Ah won't bite," AJ assured her.

"I know. It's just..." Fluttershy stopped talking as she pulled Discord's bandage tight, causing him to flinch.

"Ouch!" he complained. "Look, Fluttershy. I said I was sorry!"

"Mhm," she replied as she trotted past him and into her house, slamming the door behind her.

Everypony's smiles faded, then they all exchanged glances.

"What's wrong with her?" Rarity asked Discord.

Everypony looked at him, waiting for an answer; he looked back at them.

There was a short silence and then he replied, "It was just...something I said," he rested his head on his front paws, now unable to look at any of them.

"Well, what did you say?" Rarity continued.

"Just something about us not being able to be together, know... a couple."

"It's ok, guys. You go home. I'll go talk to her," Rainbow told the others.

It took a while of convincing but, eventually, they all left and Rainbow headed for the house.
Ok, guys. Chapter nine is finally here! My fault for it being late. I do believe I confused :iconsada-pazaki: a bit... ^^;

umm.... I don't really know where I should take it from here. Do you have any ideas?? I am planning to make it that Discord eventually see what Fluttershy sees. But probably not till a bit later.

I wasa thinkng that Discord gets invited over to Twilights for the night. (Slumber party with all the girls and he just sits in the background playing cards with Spike or something....)
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Discord bit of advice: Never break a pony's heart when their fixing your wounds.
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