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February 21, 2012
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The horizon began to glow a bright orange, the sky slowly changing from a dark blue to a light pink. The sun's rays shone straight through Fluttershy's window, hitting her on the face. She opened her eyes and got out of bed, making herself breakfast before heading outside to feed the animals.

"What a funny dream..." she thought to herself. She heard a rustling coming from the Everfree Forest and thought she glimpsed a shadow duck passed a tree. She froze, "It wasn't a dream...." she continued feeding the animals, but fearfully flinched at every sudden movement.

When she had finished feeding the animals, she grabbed a small wagon and headed out into Ponyville to collect some food. She eventually went to Sweet Apple Acres where she began buying many apples from AppleJack who said, "Well shucks. what ya need all this food for?"

Fluttershy quickly made up an excuse,"Oh...umm...the animals..."

"The animals?"

"Yeah...they're really...hungry."

Apple Jack gave her an uncertain look but passed over the rest of the apples Fluttershy had bought.

"Hey Fluttershy!" a voice called out from the air. Fluttershy jumped back with a squeal and ducked behind her wagon.

"Uh...Fluttershy, it's just Rainbow," Apple Jack reassured her. Fluttershy peaked out from behind the wagon to see if it really was, "Oh, Rainbow, it is you. Sorry, I'm just a bit know...after last night."

Rainbow dash smiled understandingly at her, "I get it."

"Last night? What happened last night? All a'h heard was distant yellin' from a certain somepony," Apple Jack glared at Rainbow who shrugged, "Ehe...yeah...sorry 'bout that...but anyway, I'm just about to head off for CloudsDale and I just came to see if you wanted to come Fluttershy."

"Oh sorry. I can't. I have to get back home," said Fluttershy.

"Hey, what's with all this food?" Rainbow asked.

"That's just what ah was wonderin,'" Apple Jack agreed.

"I told you before," Fluttershy stammered, "It's for the animals," Fluttershy didn't feel very comfortable as the 2 ponies gave her uncertain expressions.

"Well I've never seen your animals eat so much food before. Would you like me to help you carry some home?" asked Rainbow.

"Oh, um, yes please," Fluttershy didn't want her friends to think she was any more suspicious than she already was.

The two Pegasuses reached Fluttershy's house and Rainbow dash detached the wagon from Fluttershy. She looked around and saw the animals were quite content and happy. Some were even finishing off some of the food Fluttershy had fed them earlier.

"Hang on just a sec. You told me this food was for the animals. According to you, they were really hungry...they don't look very hungry to me," Rainbow Dash observed. Fluttershy had to think quickly. Her eyes darted around looking for an excuse, "Uhh...they into my kitchen?"

Rainbow glared into Fluttershy's eyes and slowly said, "Hmm..sure. I gotta go."

"Okay," Fluttershy sighed, "Thank you for your help."

"Sure," Rainbow Dash flew just out of Fluttershy's sight but didn't actually leave. She stayed nearby to see exactly what was going on. She saw Fluttershy pack some of the food into a bag and begin to head to the forest.

"What is that pony doing?" Rainbow asked herself.

Fluttershy edged her way to the EverFree Forest. She kept her wings tucked in, as she was too nervous to open them.

Discord could hear her soft hoof prints coming closer. He quickly ducked behind a large tree to stay out of her sight. His heart was pounding in fright. He knew a creature such as himself shouldn't be scared of such a pretty little pony, but he just was. He couldn't help it.

"D-Discord?" Fluttershy squeaked. Discord opened his mouth to speak, but let out a little squeak instead. He cleared his throat and called out, still staying out of her sight, "What do you want?"

Fluttershy froze at the sound of his voice. There was a long silence. Discord thought throughout this silence and he decided he would show himself.
Knowing how timid Fluttershy was, he made himself look as small as possible. He got down onto his all fours, closed his wings and brought in his tail and head. Fluttershy was the one to break the silence.

"I-I.. I brought you some f-food." Fluttershy was shaking like a leaf. Discord peaked out from behind the trees. Fluttershy was just able to see his head. They were just as frightened of each other as the other was. Discord moved forward and Fluttershy moved back. They both froze, then Flutershy moved towards Discord.

She stopped just in front of him and he lowered his head even lower, still looking at Fluttershy. Fluttershy dropped the bag next to her and dug around for some food. She pulled out an apple and offered it to Discord, causing him to ask, "Why are you doing this?"

"I know how hard it is to find food in the forest. It's very scarce," Fluttershy explained.

"Well, I'm not hungry," at that very moment, Discord's stomach rumbled. "Actually, on second thought...thank you," he accepted the food and took a bite out of the apple. He ate the apple silently, eying Fluttershy the whole time, not sure whether or not to trust her.
yayz X3

d'aww. Fluttershy, element of kindness.

i fail at gramma T.T whole heaps of thanks to :iconsada-pazaki: for the editing! <3

Characters (c) Lauren Faust
Story (c) me
Edited by Sada-Pazaki

(still looking for a title btw. any suggestions, comment below.
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i just like almost as bad an egghead as Twilight is...

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